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What is Freetelly ?

It is a pre-configured version of Kodi - for MAC and Windows.


Kodi is an open source (Free, and supported by a team of developers) software media centre for playing videos, music, pictures games etc. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.


Kodi allows people to install third-party plugins - and this is precisely what had been done to create Freetelly. It's a bit like making your PC into one of those Android Internet TV boxes.


Freetelly can be downloaded from : https://www.tvaddons.ag/freetelly-windows/


It can be installed side by side with Kosher Kodi


Here's a brief introduction:



FreeTelly has shortcuts to selected add-ons on its start screen. These add-ons are different interfaces with web sites which provide links to streamed media, enabling you to search for available video and music on demand. You do not need a VPN.


The full list of around 20 Telly Add-ons can be found from the Menu : Video / Add-Ons


Each add-on has its own idiosyncracies and user interface, which has to be learned ! ..and some of the links don't work !


Notes on some of the add-ons:



"Castaway for Kodi has cemented itself as one of the most versatile live sports streaming addons, it interfaces with some of the most popular sports streaming sites"... (couldn't get any of it to work...!)


SportsDevil :

Offers live sports and events from a wide array of sports streaming web sites. Updates automatically ??. Includes links live streams of matches from all over the world, with a a timetable of when they are going to take place. 


UK Turk Playlists 

"Curated" (i.e. organised playlists) offering a wide array of live streaming channels from all over the world. Includes links to UK Sports channels...which seem to work.



Very popular add-on. Features organised lists from several well known figures in the Kodi add-on community, all kinds of content available.  e.g. "Diva's Den" includes video content suitable for ladies (movies with female leads, a whole section on Jane Austen series and movies ....) "More Power" contains links to Sci Fi , James Bond, Disaster and Disease movies and 3D movies....etc)

....and the links seem to work. Right-click on an item and you have options including Add to favourites and Download the item



A source of Box sets

A number of providers for each video stream (called File Lockers) - It's not Peer to Peer although it looks like it.

It's a bit hit and miss e.g. try:

Networks / BBC1 / The Missing / Seasion 1 Ep 1 / Choose a stream and cross your fingers (MoviesHD GVIDEO 1080P seems to work !)



This has a strong archive of past TV shows and films.

For each show, there are a number of streaming sources, some of which don't work. Choose one with a significant number of views... it has a better chance of working.

If the video works, the heading on the list changes, so you can easily see that its OK.

Right-click on the heading and this gives you the options to: Play. Add to favourites or add to downloads. (will need to set up a download folder first)



"This great add-on has been out for quite a while now, offers a lot of reliable content from across the globe through FilmOn’s legal and licensed online streaming service".

Click Filmon/ Click UKTV live

You can access free to air TV such as BBC and ITV



Is an add in programme - you have to load it and exit it


It’s actually the oldest add-on for Kodi, provides everyone with the ability to share their own playlists, a bit disorganized, but quite a bit of live content is available....if you can find it !


Other popular streaming apps: 



For Android

....Many Club members use Mobdro on their phones and tablets - a lot of UK TV content which is very easy find and you..can make favourites.

But it is an Android app - cannot run under Windows without a bit of help.

Need to install an "Android Emulator" - a programme which creates the Android operating system in the computer's RAM effectively turning it into an Android tablet - a Virtual Android.

Recommended: Blustacks



Once that's installed, Download the Mobdro APK  installation file.


...remember where it's downloaded to.


Then install the APK file from within Blustacks, (On the vertical menu on the left side of the BluStack screen select the icon labelled "APK" and browse to the Mobdro APK)


Mobdro updates itself automatically from time to time (or should do.....) The sections "Channels" and "Sports" are the best for seeing live streaming TV. Links sometime die... 


Note: To install BluStacks and Mobdro, you need to use a Google account. You do not need a VPN.




An App for Android which streams media in HD (therefore uses a lot of bandwidth).

Runs under Android or through Blustacks on a PC.

Not available from Playstore - you have to download the APK file.

Note: It's a Russian based App and has been under scruitiny, with whole servers being taken down ! File sharing , Peer to peer....so beware !




Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. Easy to use interface and catalogue of movies and TV shows.

It shares video files between all users, so you are uploading a file to someone else, while downloading one for yourself to view (Peer to Peer ..or P2P). --- content could be compromised and you are using up bandwidth while uploading as well as downloading. 


Note: all of these services are in the grey area of legality because of copyright.


In the UK:

As far as TV or movies are concerned, ....no one in Britain has ever been fined or prosecuted for illegally streaming content.


“When it comes to catching those involved in piracy, it is not our strategy to prosecute the end user [people streaming films at home]. Our interest lies in identifying, disrupting and if necessary prosecuting the individuals who defraud the creative industries by knowingly stealing content – and who then make that content available through illegitimate means for their own financial benefit or kudos.”


Similar situation in Spain






The days of free telly may be numbered !